Emotional Well Being & Mental Health Services
in New York, NY

The Village Institute for Psychotherapy provides a wide variety of mental health services for adults, adolescents and children in a comfortable, private setting to help address these and other difficulties life has in store for us. We treat people, not behaviors, and fully appreciate the complicated nature of people’s lives, relationships, and actions. 

We help you to be as curious about yourself as we are about you. We will not label you with a diagnosis but will engage with you as the interesting, complicated person who you are. Let us help you decide if you would benefit from:

Psychotherapy Specialized Consultation Psychological Evaluation

Life is complex and challenging; we believe that this is also what can make life meaningful. Struggling with life’s challenges without success can cause demoralization, depression, anxiety and self-defeating behaviors. However, struggling with challenges successfully can enhance emotional well-being and self-esteem. 

Our Staff members are highly trained clinicians prepared to help you “struggle well”: to work through current challenges, develop a deeper understanding of why you are faced with these challenges, and identify important strategies that will help you manage other challenges both now and in the future.
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