Specialized Consultations

Consulting with Lawyers, Physicians & Other Professionals

  • Child Custody Cases
  • Emotional Support Animal Recommendations
  • Disciplinary Action with Professional Boards
  • Medical Psychology Reviews
Contact us for these or other specialized consultations.
Emotional support animal recommendations
A consultation is a time-limited, issue focused meeting with a patient designed to shed light on a specific problem the patient has that is then reported to another outside professional or professional board. At The Village Institute, we serve as consultants to mental health, medical, legal and other professionals to address issues such as treatment impasses, psychological issues related to medical problems, and child custody conflicts. We consult with nursing, psychology and other professional boards about disciplinary issues facing a member of the profession. We have an expertise in consulting on legal recommendations on patients needs for an Emotional Support Animal. In all consultations, we provide a clearly articulated report addressing the specific consultation query.
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