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Frequently Asked Questions

“What insurance do you accept?”
We do not accept insurance as direct payment. Many insurance policies, however, will reimburse you for “out-of-network” expenses if that is part of your coverage.To learn more, read a discussion on this topic in Spotlight.

“Why don’t you accept insurance for payment directly?”
Insurance companies have guidelines and requirements that would limit who we see, how often we can see them and for how long. We believe in offering personalized therapy along the highest standards of practice and care in our industry. We elect not to have an insurance company come between the therapist and the patient.

“How much does therapy cost?”
We offer a sliding scale fee that considers several factors (a patient’s income, a patient’s expenses, a patient’s out-of-network insurance coverage) coupled with an acknowledgement of the value of the service being provided by the therapist. These factors are weighed with each other resulting in a fee that is fair for the patient’s individual situation.
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