What is Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy Helps You Live A Better Life

Psychotherapy utilizes insight orientated methods rather than behavioral focused analysis to help individuals live better. At The Village Institute, we believe that there is a root cause of the symptoms, an origin of the problem, and by addressing the reason for the behavior we can help people become more self-aware, successful and happier. 

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a proven psychological treatment in which the patient and therapist work together.
The goal of Psychotherapy is to:
  • Identify what are your mental and emotional difficulties
  • Develop a deeper understanding of those aspects of your life that resulted in these behaviors and feelings
  • Promote change with your current problem behaviors, thoughts and feelings
  • Enhance healthy behaviors that continue to reinforce these changes 

Successful Psychotherapy

At The Village Institute, we believe that successful psychotherapy requires an active contribution on the part of both patient and therapist. The patient brings willingness and determination to make changes in his or her thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The psychotherapist contributes his or her expertise and is creatively engaged in producing effective therapy sessions. 
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